This surveillance video recorded by cameras at Silver Lake Recreation Area in Garfield Township shows a man moving toward Record-Eagle Reporter Brendan Quealy, attempting to take the reporter’s cellphone from his right hand. A second man promptly confronts the reporter, and bumps him forward with his body. Then all three of them disappear behind a pickup truck with a bed topper, obscuring what happened next.

There is a momentary glitch in the video just as the two men approach Quealy, caused by security camera’s motion-activated sensor, said Chuck Korn, Garfield Township Supervisor.

“They (cameras) are activated and turn on in response to motion nearby, and not in response to motion that is farther away,” said Korn. “Which can result in the appearance of start and stop action.”

Korn added that none of the footage the township shared with law enforcement was altered or edited in any way.

The same footage was later obtained by the Record-Eagle.