Michigan Mushroom Season

Common names of edible mushrooms, from top to bottom, are: (species includes) honey mushrooms; giant puffball; chanterelles; shaggy mane; black trumpets; chaga; aborted entoloma; shelf mushrooms; hen-of-the-woods; (species includes) lion’s mane; (species includes) hedgehog mushroom; lobster mushroom; (species includes) chicken-of-the-woods; morels; aspen oyster mushroom; pearl oyster mushroom; Indian oyster mushroom; dryad’s saddle; lumpy bracket; king stropharia; turkey tails; Michigan truffles.

Common names of toxic mushrooms, from top to bottom, are: false parasol; eastern North American destroying angel; false morel; Jack O’Lantern; early false morel; funeral bell mushroom.

Source: Sara Getson and Midwest American Mycological Information