— UNCLE SAM will hold an examination for Railway Mail Clerks in Traverse City throughout the United States on May 15. Many ambitious young men with only a very ordinary school education, can readily pass this exam. The government wants young men over 18 and with common sense, to take the examination for railway mail clerks and carriers. Railways mail clerks make $800 a year to start and increases to $1200. Contact the Evening Record for more information.

— RAILWAY TRAFFIC was delayed for two hours in Mancelona yesterday afternoon when an overloaded car of cord wood jumped the track in front of the depot, scattering the wood in all directions. Luckily, no one was injured. A broken bolster caused by the extra load, kept the trucks from curbing as the car was switched into a siding, thus throwing it from the track. Section men, aided by the train crews, succeeded in replacing the car after part of it was unloaded.

— TO CURE a cold in one day, take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. Druggists will refund money if it fails to cure. Twenty five cents a box at most Drug stores.

— NEW SPRING Hosiery has been added to our stock in the form of 5,000 pair of Wunderhose. These hose for men, women, and children, are guaranteed for three months against any problem to cause them to be darned. Stop in at J.W. Milliken’s. We also fill Mail Orders.

— COUNT ZEPPELIN broke all airship records today by sailing 3,000 feet — the highest ever attained by a steerable balloon.

— THE MAJORITY of dogs in the Village of Mancelona seem to have an antipathy to the railroad trains and showed their enmity in every which way they can think of. This afternoon, Archie Luock’s canine got into an argument with a passenger train and tried to fight back, with the result that the dog took a trip some 60 feet through the air. Beyond being badly astonished, it escaped uninjured.

— IN EVERY sack of Best Flour will be found a ticket. Save them and when you have 64, present them to your grocer or at the Hannah & Lay Company, and we will give you a 50 lb. Flour Bin or Bread Box free.

— Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.