• OLD MISSION and Boyne City played an extremely long baseball game yesterday. It lasted through twenty innings and was played until dark. Boyne City won with a score of 5 to 4 over Old Mission.
  • ANGUS MERCER of this city was demonstrating a new self adjusting ceiling ladder at the engine house this afternoon, which he
  • has recently received a
  • patent for and which
  • means a revolution in the ladders which painters and paper hangers have heretofore been using. The ladder on demonstration reached a height of thirteen feet and can be easily telescoped for carrying purposes.
  • TWELVE PEOPLE have died in the heat wave that has hovered in Chicago
  • for the last twenty four hours. Temperatures reached the nineties. One man is thought to have committed suicide driven insane by the heat.
  • will remove a tan and relieve sunburn. Can be purchased at the American Drug Store.
  • Boyd Gay, pastor of the
  • First Presbyterian Church, has received notice that their magnificent new pneumatic organ has been shipped from Hagerstown, Pa. After a week long installation process by the company‚Äôs experts, a recital will be held. Andrew Carnegie funded half the cost and the other half was raised here.
  • THE STATE of Michigan is in debt to the Northern Michigan Asylum more than $100,000 to date with the prospect of owing $120,000 before the treasury is again replenished. Forty two thousand of this is for special construction work for which contracts have been let largely already.
  • E.L. of Traverse City, has been elected President of the Michigan Funeral Directors and Undertakers Association. The Convention was held in Detroit.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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