• CHIEF OF Police C.W. Ashton wishes to warn the automobile drivers of the city that they must live up to the law in regard to speed, turning corners, lights, etc., or they will be prosecuted to the limit, regardless of who they are or whose car they are driving. The law regulating the driving of automobiles is plain and ignorance of the law will be no excuse. Every complaint will be investigated thoroughly and every effort made to convict the violators of the law.
  • IT IS essential and is requested that during the hot weather and at the time of a fire in the city that the consumers of city water should cease the sprinkling of their lawns until after the fire is out, and in other ways use the water as sparingly as possible so long as there is a fire in the city limits. The use of water through a hose without a sprinkling nozzle attached is strictly prohibited. Any person disregarding this rule will have his water immediately shut off.
  • IN AN effort to exterminate east side dogs, some miscreant is scattering suet laced with ground grass seed and strychnine. Several Washington Street residents have set up a watch program to catch this evil person. So far no dogs have been affected by this dreadful deed.
  • FIVE BOX car slumberers had their sleep rudely disturbed last evening when the police entered their box car and invited them to exchange their box car couch for one at the coop. They were released in the morning with a suggestion they make themselves scarce while the sun shone.
  • RENT A piano for your summer cottage from Grinnell Brothers Music House. If there is no pianist in your home, rent a player piano that comes with a nice assortment of music rolls.
  • BIDS WILL be received by the Committee of Building and Grounds for the delivery of 150 tons of Pocohontas smokeless coal to be delivered to the Grand Traverse County Court House. 100 tons need to be delivered by September 1st and the remainder by January 1st.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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