— PROFESSOR IVAN Weld of the Dairy Division of the Agricultural Department, Washington, D.C., will arrive in the City Sunday to attend the Dairymen’s Convention. He is desirous of analyzing the milk sold in the city and requests that all dairymen submit samples to him for tests. The fee is 50 cents.

— JUST BEFORE Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burns left this City for Boyne City, Mr. Burns gave one of his cocker spaniel pups to his friend who resides in the country near Acme. “Tiny”, the pup, was of a rather inquisitive turn of mind, and breaking away from her kennel, she went out into the woods to explore. After many attempts to lure Tiny back, it was ascertained that she is as wild as the foxes and rabbits with whom she has cast her lot and keeps a supply of fresh game on hand. A trap has been set to capture the little dog, but so far she has given it wide berth.

— ASTRONOMERS NOW believe that the temperature of space outside the Earth’s atmosphere is 459 degrees below the zero of the Fahrenheit scale. The inconceivable cold is what they mean by absolute zero.

— MRS. JOE Wyckoff was hostess last night to 15 sales ladies of the Globe store, who appeared in costume, representing Happy Hooligan, tomato can and all, Buster Brown, Reuben, with his bunch of grass, a cowboy, a dancing girl, Prince Albert, and a green boy from the country. Two flash light pictures were taken of the group and they had a jolly good time.

— TRAVERSE CITY will have a steamboat line between here and Old Mission for the coming season. The new line will also be extended to Elk Rapids for at least one round trip, but the schedule has not been firmed up yet. The new steamer will be named Lena Knoblock and was purchased by Peter Lardie and Claus Olson of Old Mission.

— THE TRAVERSE City Ad Club last night decided on the following slogan for Traverse City: “Traverse City, good today, better tomorrow.”

— E. J. Cooke of this city, has been granted patents for two devices which he will soon manufacture here. One is an automatic fire escape and unloader and the other is a safety emergency brake for elevators.

— Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.