— A LEAP for liberty through the basement of the county jail, a swim across the icy waters of the Boardman with chill winds of the north freezing the marrow of the bones, a tramp to the Brimley school house where he found a bed of straw near a barn, another tramp to Kingsley, thence on to Buckley on a tie ticket, and a luxurious ride on a freight car to Manistee, a meeting with pals who pooled their resources and presented him with $16 with which to flee the Country and a capture by the Sheriff, is the tale of woe that Ben Harmon told Judge Nerlinger this morning in court.

— DAVID PONTON, Charles Provencher and Joe Dloughy left this noon over the Pere Marquette for Cripple Creek, Colorado, where they will locate permanently. Mr. Ponton previously lived five years at Cripple Creek, but for the last three years has lived in Traverse City. His wife and children will follow later.

— GRAPHITE, OF which lead pencils are made, was first discovered in Siberia in 1842.

— AN UNKNOWN man, who resides in Traverse City, who was on his way home from Frank Kroupa’s in a launch, was picked up out in the Bay by Charles Wells, nearly frozen to death. It rained so hard that the engine would not start and he had only one paddle, leaving him adrift on the Bay. People going to Traverse City heard the man calling for help, but didn’t know what he wanted. Charles Wells got a boat to rescue the man and took him to his home for the night, thus saving his life.

— ONE OF the old landmarks on Front Street, the Ladies Library Building, has changed hands and will cease to be a familiar object on the City’s main thoroughfare. Sherman and Hunter Clothiers are the new owners. A new Ladies Library Building will be built on Cass Street while they reside in a temporary building.

— THE STEAMER John Stirling arrived early this morning and remains at the Northern Michigan dock awaiting the Steamer Missouri. A transfer of freight will occur. The Stirling runs between Cheboygan and this City.

— Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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