• CHARGED WITH beating his aged parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rieck of Summit City, Charles Rieck was brought before Justice George W. Curtis this morning. The elderly German couple brought the charge of assault and battery against their son. They were afraid to go home, so the Sheriff brought Charles into town. Trial was set for a week from today and he will spend that week in jail, having posted no bond money, and displaying poor court etiquette.
  • SANFORD SILVER, Cook on the Chequamegon, drowned today as the boat was leaving Northport. Witnesses say he was throwing a pail of garbage overboard when he slipped and fell into the water. Passengers saw him swim a few strokes in the forty feet water then disappeared in the wake of the steamer. Efforts to locate his body have been futile. He leaves a wife and two children.
  • WHILE TRYING to board a moving G.R. & I. freight train at Walton around noon today, Frank Davis, a young laborer, fell under the wheels of the train nearly severing his left leg below the knee. He was taken to Mrs. Cora Bowhall’s private hospital where amputation under chloroform was completed. The young man went from Kingsley to Walton on Conductor Griffin’s train and at noon tried to get on Conductor Hungerford’s freight No. 65 when the accident occurred. He never regained consciousness and passed away. His sister in Detroit was notified.
  • THE GRAND Traverse County Sheriff today reported to the police in Detroit that a person he was transporting from Traverse City to the House of Correction in Detroit, had escaped from the Pere Marquette car in the west yards. A 90 day sentence awaited the man. The officer left the prisoner to get a drink of water and while he was gone, the prisoner, Ben Harmon, jumped through the window of the moving train. The search is on.
  • $5 REWARD LEADING to the conviction and arrest of the party or parties who peeled bark from the fruit trees on lots 8-9 Block B. J.N. Martinek.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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