• CUTTING THROUGH the big intake pipe at the water works without shutting down the pump that supplies the entire city with water, was a remarkable feat accomplished at the water works yesterday. Had the water been shut off, serious consequences would have ensued as it would have been impossible to turn it back on until the work was completed, and at the time there were four fires. A special machine secured by the A.P. Smith Manufacturing Company of Newark, New Jersey enabled this process to take place.
  • WILLIAM KNICKERBOCKER was shot through the neck and fatally injured last night by Asa Allen, his second cousin. Knickerbocker was 24 years old and his cousin Allen is 21. Knickerbocker had eloped with Allen’s wife. Allen pursued them into the woods near Maple City. Allen tended the wounded man until a physician and police officers arrived. Knickerbocker gasped with his last breath, that he did not want a complaint against Allen.
  • THE REGULAR meeting of the Board of Health was held in the City Council rooms this morning. The morning proceedings were given over to the matter of cleaning up the Boardman River banks of all garbage. Hannah & Lay Company will begin at once to start cleaning the banks. A scow has been secured to remove sticks, weeds, posts and other debris. The Board of Health stated that an epidemic could be in the making from the filth accumulated. It has been two years since the last cleaning. Property owners must remove refuse from their property along the River.
  • SHORT, SHARP and decisive was the boxing match held at the Grand last night. Kid Brown of Chicago and Frank Gregg of Detroit put on a very short battle with Kid Brown overcoming the larger Frank Gregg. After a couple clinches in the second round, Brown got in an upper cut that sent Gregg to the floor.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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