• THE ANNUAL Lodge of Sorrows of the Traverse City Elks Lodge No. 323 B.P.O.E. was held at Steinberg’s Grand Opera House. The Speaker was Honorable Horatio S. Earle, State Highway Commissioner, who is a member of the Detroit Lodge. A solemn and impressive ritual of the lodge was held followed by a musical program.
  • IF YOU act quickly and want the best pair of shoes for only $4, head to Bachant and Roscoe Shoe Store. Every $5 pair of shoes has been ordered out of the store for $4. See our store window.
  • MR. AND MRS. P. Dewing have returned to the area from El Campo, Texas, where they resided for one year. Mr. Dewing said that Texas was “all right” but his family became homesick for the Grand Traverse region.
  • MISS MARY Kennedy, 50 years old, slipped on ice and fell into a cistern back of her house. She was sweeping snow off the curbing over the cistern early in the morning. She was rendered unconscious and perished in four feet of water.
  • A WOMAN’S dream is to find a man who is smart enough to make money and foolish enough to spend it.
  • HER HORSE becoming unmanageable, Mrs. E.A. Simmonds was thrown from her sleigh yesterday morning at the M.N. & E. station and had a narrow escape from serious injury. Her sleigh, being very low, is what saved her. The horse became frightened and jumped, throwing Mrs. Simmonds out of the overturned sleigh. The horse broke loose and raced down East Front Street but was stopped by James Purvis and F.S. Stearns. The cutter was only slightly damaged.
  • FALLING IN the center of the track with a swiftly approaching passenger train not more than 30 feet away, a young woman, Tuesday night, escaped from what appeared to be certain death at the Cass Street Crossing of the Pere Marquette. In falling, the girl did not lose her wits, but crawled quickly off the track with the engine brushing her dress. Four girls aged 14 and 15 years old tried to beat the train by running across the track. Their names could not be ascertained, but witnesses felt their parents would inflict punishment if they knew of the girls lark.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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