• ANOTHER PRICE astonishment at Spring-Holzarth Co. at E. Wilhelm’s Old Stand, corner of Front and Union Streets. Ladies and Mens $5 bath and slumber robes for only $2.98. Childrens 5 robes for only $1.98. We have sizes and patterns for everyone.
  • EDWARD GARDINER challenges anyone in Traverse City to play 250 points of pool (Ernest Irish preferred) for the local championship. The stakes to be 5 cents to $50. Hoping this will either make people put up or shut up. Truly yours, E. L. Gardiner.
  • RESORT PROPERTY for sale on East Bay. Two lots with 95 feet of frontage on the Bay. Priced at $1,500. Contact John A. Wade, 817 South Union Street, Traverse City.
  • DAYLIGHT HOURS are just too limited to handle our throng of holiday shoppers. Consequently, the Spring Holzarth’s store will open evenings from now until Christmas.
  • THE MAGNIFICENT display of apples in the window at the Hannah & Lay Mercantile Company showing what Frank Smith can do as an apple raiser, has been sold to the Greening Nursery Company. These apples will be taken to the Hotel Ponchartrain at Detroit and the fruit will be exhibited there. This will be a big advertisement for the Grand Traverse region.
  • BIDS WILL be received and opened this week at the County Clerk’s Office for the graveling of East Bay Road from the city limits extending east along the finished grade for 7/8 of a mile and be completed by February 15, 1910. Bids must include the contractor hauling and delivering not less than 2,000 yards or more of gravel. A bond of $200 must accompany the bid as a guarantee that party will enter into contract to perform this labor according to the terms of the bid. Grand Traverse Road Commission.
  • A GIFT of a bank account to your relative or friend is a nice gift this Christmas. Open an account at the First National Bank in time for Christmas and receive a bank book enclosed in a lovely holiday card.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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