• MORGAN’S TOUR Bus has been taken from its regular schedule and will hereafter have a stand at the Whiting Hotel. The car will make a business of taking picnic and sight seeing parties and will make trips to the Asylum, Edgewood and East Bay. Call No. 3 on the phone for more information.
  • A MISCREANT vanished in the darkness after following two young ladies home from the theater. A brother of one of the girls was supposed to meet them and when he did not show up, the young ladies decided to walk home alone. Just as the thirteen year old entered the front yard of her home, a young man threw his arms around her and tried to trip her feet from under her. She screamed and her parents chased the young man away. This shows it is very dangerous for young women to be out after nine o’clock. Many situations of this kind have occurred on the East side of town.
  • THE DEMAND for summer cottages and accommodations has been greater this year than ever before. It has been suggested that home owners advertise to open their homes to people who find no vacancies elsewhere. The Board of Trade Bureau in the Whiting Hotel has answered hundreds of inquiries from people seeking accommodations. Portable houses along the Bay would be a good investment. They would fill easily in the summer and could be moved if the need should call for it in other seasons.
  • PERHAPS ALL are not familiar with the law stating that any occupant having charge of lands in this state must cut down milkweed, and asclepias cornutus growing thereon or between the center of any highways. A fine of ten dollars will be initiated for anyone ignoring this law.
  • MORE AND more is the realization that deadly germs lurk in the public drinking cups. Sanitary fountains are replacing the old kind while some of the railroads are offering individual drinking cups.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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