— BUCKLEN’S ARNICA Salve will cure Skin Eruptions, Eczema, Salt Rheum, Boils, Fever Sores, Burns, Scalds, Cuts and Piles. This miracle salve is available for only 25 cents at Bugbee Drug, S.E, Wait & Sons, Frank Meads and Hannah & Lay.

— TEN PERCENT discount will be allowed on all water rates paid on or before May 31, 1909. W.R. Caldwell. Superintendent.

— THE MERCHANTS and Manufacturer’s Association of Milwaukee will be in this fine City on June 8. Mayor Germaine is making plans for the entertainment of these eighty members.

— ANGERED AT her refusal to wed him, and greatly chagrined because she left her place of employment, George Kirk of Marinette, Wisconsin, came to Mancelona in search of her. “If I don’t get her, no one else will,” he declared, patting his hip pocket meaningly. Hearing his threats, the young lady folded her tent, and ... stole away in the night and no one knows where. The Marshal escorted Kirk to the depot and searched him for weapons, but found none.

— WITH A lake trout on his hook of such size and fighting characteristics, he was unable to land him, Vern Martin, a fifteen year old boy was obliged to call for help this morning in order to bring the fish out of the water. The fish weighed more than nine pounds. He was offered a dollar for it, but he refused preferring to take it home to show his mother.

— DURING THE last month, 59 new patrons were added to the already long list already possessed by the library. During the month, 1,315 persons availed themselves of the reading room privileges.

— AMBLING DOWN Front Street, unconcerned with the sites he saw, a big black bear caused no end of excitement about nine o’clock last night. He stopped in front of Dreamland just as the show was letting out. Instantly there was panic and two women fainted. The bear, not seeing anything in the crowd that interested him, trotted peacefully away.

— Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.