• THE PERE MARQUETTE, which has been enjoying an immunity from accidents and delays for months, caught it from both north and south today. This morning a broken flange put seven cars of stone off at White Cloud, blocking the track quite badly. At Charlevoix, the trucks of tender and the front trucks of the baggage car went off from Engine No. 185. No one was injured in either case.
  • CHEBOYGAN, MICHIGAN has a Sheriff’s posse hunting a baby which a bear carried away while her Polish mother was berrying on the MacIntosh Plains. The mother left the child with an older girl. Both became hysterical.
  • COOLNESS OF the employees of a big department store averted a disastrous panic today. Hundreds of women had crowded in the place during a sale and the floors trembled and the walls cracked at the Flint store. Employees emptied the store before the women knew of the danger. The building was weakened by the removal of a wall of an adjacent store.
  • ONE OF the largest financial transactions directly affecting Traverse City which has taken place in a great many years, was consummated this week in Chicago. R. Floyd Clinch bought the entire holdings of Mrs. Clara Morgan Jones in the Hannah & Lay Company. The Hannah & Lay Mercantile Company and the Traverse City State Bank. Mrs. Jones was the daughter of James Morgan, one of the original Hannah & Lay Company founders.
  • MRS. F.M. Paine, wife of the Florist, was badly injured in a fall while alighting from a Rapid Transit Car shortly before 3 o’clock this afternoon. The accident took place at the corner of Front and Union, Mrs. Paine was dressed in white and her clothing was ruined and her hip was bruised. A bystander said that Mrs. Paine stood and started to get off the car before it came to a complete stop.
  • IRONING IS comfortable work now. It is made so by a perfect iron with the stove inside. It is an iron that can be used in any room. Contact J.B. Paige Electric Company, 124 Cass Street, Telephone 502.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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