• PLAYING THE part of a millionaire is not so tiresome, so thinks W.L. Miller of Chicago who stopped at the Park Place Hotel for a few days this week. Mr. Miller is a former Traverse City resident and 12 years ago was employed at the Asylum. He made a fortune with a clever invention and since that time does not find time hanging heavy on his hands. He drove into town from Manistee in his new $15,000 Bleriet car, of French make, being one of the finest foreign cars ever made. Mr. Miller returned to Chicago this morning in his car.
  • J.W. SLATER COMPANY has a rocker for everyone! Prices begin at 20 cents for children’s rockers up to $4.75 for our finest New Mission Rockers. These Mission Rockers are made from the very best selected oak with joints securely glued and fastened. There are several styles to choose from at our store at 120 Front Street.
  • MRS. JAMES R. MERRILL, of 415 Barlow Street, woke from an afternoon nap to find her kitchen in a mass of flames. She had put applesauce to cook on her kerosene oil stove. Her neighbors called the fire department and they responded immediately. Three lines of hose could not save the entire structure.The house was valued at $1.000 with $700 in insurance, and had just been extensively remodeled.
  • CHARLIE LEMCOOL, the 14 year old son of H.J. Lemcool, was rendered unconscious by a shock of electricity during an electric storm last evening at his father’s farm eight miles west of the city on Bingham Road. The boys father and brother were standing with Charlie in the storm shed when the heaviest part of the storm passed over. All three were knocked down. Mr. Lemcool and his son Dallas, were mildly shocked and blinded, but quickly recovered. They carried Charlie out in the rain and he soon recovered with no serious effects.
  • F. ZEIGLER, of State Street, who drives an ice wagon for the C.B. Taylor Coal & Ice Company, dropped a 50 pound piece of ice on his right foot and broke one of his toes. The cake of ice slipped out of the tongs and fell with full weight on top of his foot.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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