— POISONED EVIDENTLY by a pork steak which they had eaten at supper, Vern A. Strong, wife, children and guest Mrs. E. C. Prentice, suffered agonies all night and some were considerably improved this morning. Mr. Strong, who ate the most, was unable to go to work this morning. Mrs. Prentice was able to catch the train back to Chicago.

— THE STIFLING air of a closed kitchen is changed to comfortable coolness by installing a New Perfection Wick Perfection Blue Flame Oil Cook-Stove to do the family cooking. It gives a working heat at once and maintains it until turned off without over heating the room. There are three sizes to choose from at the Standard Oil Company.

— THE ONLY white hearse in Traverse City is available from Carter & Shaw.

— ED CORBETT of near Cedar Run, lost a valuable horse in a peculiar manner last evening. The animal had taken colic and Dr. Scott was summoned. Before he could get there, so much gas had accumulated in the poor animal’s stomach that it ruptured. The animal was valued at $200.

— JULIUS BEERS, who has been spending several months in Egypt and the Holy Land, has returned after being met by his mother and aunt in Cleveland. He saw many strange people and countries and enjoyed himself to the utmost.

— FRED THIRLBY, who has been spending a year at his old home in Romsey Hants, England, returned Saturday night with his new bride. They walked from the Pere Marquette Depot to their home on Lake Avenue. Mr. Thirlby will resume his former position at the Traverse City Iron Works.

— THE NUMBER of Saloons allowed in the City for one year stands now at 23, adopted by an ordinance by the City Council.

— Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.