• PERHAPS THE fastest shoveling ever done in this section of the country was done today in the city gravel pit. Mr. Youker and his crew, C.L. Brunson, E.D. Linderman, A.G. Haywood, George Brenner, and Roy Dohn shoveled three yards of gravel on a sleigh in two minutes and twenty seconds. On the Rennie job, two yards were shoveled in one minute and 3/4 seconds, with twelve shovelers. In Paradise township last summer, one yard was put on a wagon by eleven shovelers in 49 seconds, but Youker has them all faded to the tune of one yard in 46 and 2/3
  • seconds.
    EDWARD ANTOINE, age 50, went to Cedar yesterday to get a load of sawdust. He had two large boxes of sawdust on his sleigh together with some lumber. The road was piled high with snow and the sleigh overturned. Mr. Antoine could not escape and his lifeless body was found lying under the load.
  • MISS IDA KLAIBER left today for a visit with relatives in Grand Rapids, after which she will go to Chicago to get her spring stock of millinery.
  • THE TRAVERSE CITY’S Business Men’s Association last night adopted a resolution to patronize the makers of various products in their respective lines who are located in Traverse City. The Association realizes that if its members push local products, there will be a greater demand for them and this will benefit all.
  • SNOWFALL in January was only 23 ½ with an average temperature of 24. Neither statistic set a record.
  • SIX HANDED Euchre at nine tables was a pleasant affair at the home of Mrs. Friedrich yesterday afternoon. The first prize was won by Miss Clara Bates, the prize being a beautiful piece of hand painted china. Parmetto sandwiches, pecan nuts, candies and coffee were served. This was the first of the four day series.
  • “TOO LATE” may be the cry. Do not hesitate to come in now, for prices will never be lower. The Cable Piano Company at 223 Front Street.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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