— REMEMBER THE best investment on Earth is Earth itself. The Land Man sells it. Call and see him or phone 197. Fred B. Federspiel, Rooms 1 and 2 in the Majestic Building, Traverse City.

— SO FREELY had he imbibed, that he could not tell the baggage car from the brakeman. The drunk was leaning against the baggage car of the main line of the G.R. & I. at Walton last night. He got a slam on the nose when the train gave a start and knocked what little sense he had left sky high. Turning about, the drunk took a swing at the brakeman standing there thinking he was the one who hit him on the nose. Having none of it, the brakeman called the Sheriff to pick up the character.

— BEN HARMON did not like the company he shared in his jail cell. He asked to be moved to the basement. His request was granted and within one half hour of entering his new environs, he managed to escape. Mrs. Cameron, the Matron, discovered he had flown the coop when she went down to make up a cot for him.

— PROF. W. J. BEAL, botanist at the Michigan Agricultural College, states that there are now 216 varieties of weeds in the state to plague the farmer, as compared to 35 varieties in earlier days. All are indigenous. He attributes this increase to the sale of seeds in which the weeds are liberally mixed and advocates stricter regulations.

— FOR A short time only, lots on Elmwood Avenue will sell for $300; lots on Monroe and Madison for $200 each. These are 50 x 172 feet in size. For more information, call the Hannah & Lay Company.

— FRANK PERRY and Nick Curtis, while fishing on East Bay, were attracted by what looked like an old umbrella. Upon reaching it, they found it was a bald eagle with a wing span of seven feet. It had been estimated to be about twenty years old, 25 pounds, and died a natural death of old age. The bird is in good condition and Mr. Perry will have it mounted.

— Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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