• MRS. V. H. STURM and Miss Jennie Wolfe, Head Nurse at the Grand Traverse Hospital, were driving into town from Old Mission, along with Mrs. Sturm’s little niece, when a near fatal accident was avoided. The horse, being a hospital horse, was not used to automobiles and ran up the side of a bank when an automobile approached them. Miss Wolfe was thrown from the buggy and suffered a fractured shoulder. Theron Morgan and Dick Winnie helped the three passengers to a nearby home and waited for help to arrive.
  • WILLIAM RENNIE’s fleet little mare, “Baby Mine” dropped dead this morning just as she came under the wire at the track of Traverse City’s driving park grounds. It was found that she suffered fatty degeneration of the heart. “Baby Mine” was four years old and worth $500.
  • TEN STRONG men are wanted to sack cement at the Elk Cement and Lime Co. in Elk Rapids. Hard work and big money. Apply at the above company.
  • RAIN PLAYED many queer pranks in the city last night, visiting some of the residents’ flower and vegetable gardens and lawns, passing others completely. On the east side, rain fell copiously, while the south side was slighted in places. It sprinkled on Fifteenth Street, while Sixteenth Street remained arid.
  • THE NORTHERN Michigan Asylum in short time will receive a ton of salt whitefish, the result of Deputy Game Warden Smith’s seizure of 22 packages of fish at Manistee Friday. The fish were disguised by having their heads cut off but were identified as small white fish by Deputy Game Warden Hoyt of Grand Haven and a number of fishermen. The shipment were billed as suckers, but their colors and markings were those of white fish.
  • YOUR ICE Cream order will receive prompt attention if you phone 739 and the ice cream will arrive in good order from American Kandy Kitchen. Stop in and check us out.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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