• MOSES RINGLER made a business trip to Acme and vicinity last week. He was detained on the way by one of his valuable drivers being very sick, but the horse recovered all right and has shown no return of the malady.
  • THE TUNING COIL for the new High school wireless station has arrived and now ever[y]thing is in readiness for the installation of the station. Work will start upon this at once and it is expected that within two or three weeks’ time, wireless messages will be sent from Traverse City to the neighboring towns.
  • LOVERS OF MUSHROOMS who have been making searches in all the adjacent woods are meeting with disappointment owing to the lack of rain.
  • JACK RENNIE went fishing yesterday up the river in company with his son William and Bert Winnie. While the party was prospecting around for a likely place, they left the lunch, minnows and their rods standing in a barnyard, trusting the chickens that were browsing about, to have honor enough to leave things alone. When they returned, Mr. Rennie discovered that a big rooster had taken the bait on his hook and was having a party all by himself. Will Rennie at the same instant found that the others had eaten all the minnows while Bert Winnie discovered that all the lunch except one bix onion had helped toward making Sunday dinners. Nevertheless, 10 trout were brought back to Traverse City.
  • PERCH FISHING on the docks yesterday attracted many people, the fishermen equaling in numbers the fish caught as they were not biting to any extent.
  • DANIEL KELLEY was fined $10 and costs of $3.75 today in Judge Nerlinger’s court for being drunk and disorderly. He was given an alternative of 15 days, which he accepted, having no coin wherewith to meet the demands of justice.
  • THERE WILL BE a meeting of the National Protective Legion tomorrow evening at 7:30 sharp, for the purpose of installing the newly elected officers.
  • WHAT WAS the size of the fish Judge Nerlinger caught in Rapid river, yesterday, is the question that is now being asked by the deputy fish wardens. Judge Nerlinger went fishing yesterday, in fact, he went Saturday and came back today, fishless. “I caught one but the cat got it,” said his honor. Would a judge or any person, give a legal, lawful law abiding fish to a cat? It is inconveivable [sic].
  • POTATOES ARE BACK to their old stand 10 cents per bushel and come in at the rate of about 25 or 30 loads per day.
  • THE TWO classes of Royal workers of the Asbury church are planning a sock social tomorrow night at the church.
  • S. E. WAIT and daughter, Miss Minnie Wait, left this morning for Saginaw, to attend the Saginaw May festival, and also to visit Mr. Wait’s daughter, Mrs. Culver. Miss Wait will then go to Ann Arbor to attend the May festival.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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