• THE OLD L. S. Hoxie homestead, comprising about 65 acres of valuable land in Acme township, has been sold to C. H. Smallwood, of Chicago, and it is believed Mr. Smallwood intends making a summer home of the place. The homestead, about three years ago, came into the possession of Mrs. D. H. Estes, Mrs. C. M. Moore, Mrs. P. L. Fish and Mrs. Al. L. Haviland. The house is situated near the center of the village and there is a considerable shore frontage.
  • THE BOND OF G. W. Gegner as poundmaster and scavenger with Lester Wells and C. B. Germaine as sureties was approved.
  • THE BOND OF the Peoples Savings Bank as city depository with H. S. Hull, F. H. Smith, W. P. Crotser, George W. Lardie and M. O. Robinson as sureties was approved. The bond is for $80,000.
  • E. S. NORTHRUP, justice of the peace at Thompsonville, had the busiest hour and half of his career last night, 15 violators of the state game law appearing before him one by one, pleading guilty to the charge of spearing and netting in the Betsey river in Cleon township, and each paid a fine of $10 trimmed with $2.25 costs.

State Deputy Game Warden Smith of this city had not been idle either as he had gotten busy on the cases Sunday morning and by Monday night had his men all ready to go up plead guilty and settle with the court. The expedition netted the Benzie county library fund $150, while the total bill was $183.75.

  • LLYOD SPAFFORD, laundryman at the Park Place, sustained two fractures of the right collar bone last night by falling from an engine in the boiler room at the hotel.
  • NOTICE: ALL OWNERS of dogs must pay their licenses at once or lose their dogs. All dogs not wearing the 1910 tag will be picked up and impounded. This applies to all alike. GEORGE W. GEGNER City Poundmaster
  • GRAVEL ROOFING outfit, kettles, hoists, wagon and a complete kit of tools will be sold cheap for cash. Inquire of Arms & Cole.
  • HENRY LAUTNER of Solon was badly injured in a runaway on the market site at 3:30 this afternoon. With his son, about 15 years old, he was driving west on State street, having unloaded some potatoes at a warehouse and was on his way home. In front of Brodhagen’s livery barn the team became frightened and started to run. As they crossed Union street to the market site, the tongue of the wagon broke loose from the harness, the end striking the ground and tipping the wagon forward. This threw Mr. Lautner to the ground, and one of the lines wound round his right ankle, dragging him to the market house. Hearing the disturbance, Steve Lardie ran out of the market house and caught the team, probably saving Mr. Lautner’s life. As it was, he received severe scalp wounds and his right ankle was badly injured. A physician was called, who dressed the wounds, Mr. Lautner later being taken home. His son when the wagon turned, was thrown to the bottom of the wagon, but was uninjured.
  • PRESIDENT W. M. Cotter of the Pere Marquette, will arrive in his private car with No. 3 this evening at 6:35 on a tour of inspection. He will not stop at this point, but will go on north.
  • LEFT AT THE RECORD OFFICE— One pipe, one pair ladies’ knit gloves, one pair gentlemen’s knit gloves, one knit scarf, one stocking cap. Owners can have same by applying at Record office.
  • WANTED— A dining room girl. Steady work at $4.00 per week. Lakeview House, Elk Rapids.
  • OWING TO THE fact that there are so many of the laboring people who are unable to do any trading during the day, and the increased demand for such an opportunity, the Hannah & Lay Mercantile company have decided to keep their store open during the summer season on Wednesday nights until 9 o’clock, and on Saturday nights until 9:30. They also recognize the fact that to do this will require extra time for their working force, so they will during the summer months give them the Friday afternoon holidays closing the entire store in these afternoons. This will begin Wednesday night May 18th.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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