• A REPORT was made to a Postmaster out East today that the mail delivery was impeded today by a hen. John Scanlon, the carrier, just started his delivery when a hen ran out of a barn, settled on his sack of mail, and laid an egg. Scanlon pocketed the egg and drove on. The hen continued following him for half an hour. Feeling sorry for the hen, Scanlon turned back and handed over the egg and the hen to the farmer’s wife before continuing on his way.
  • WITHIN A very few weeks, the middle of April at the latest, the Traverse City Refrigerator Plant will be started in full operation and Traverse City will have an added industry that will furnish work for a large work force. The Plant will be located on 35 acres on the east side of Boardman Lake in the area of Boonville. Care will be taken to save as many trees as possible during erection of the building.
  • DR. KILMER’S Swamp Root is the remedy for kidney, liver and bladder troubles. It corrects urinary problems after consuming beer, wine or liquor, and will let you sleep through the night. The regular fifty cent and one dollar size bottles are sold at all the fine Drug Stores. Remember the name Dr. Kilmer’s Swamp Root and do not accept any substitute.
  • THE OLD settlers of the Grand Traverse region will hold their 30th annual meeting on June 8, so save the date.
  • GEORGE TRIMBLE, of Thompsonville, boasts about his hens. Since December 6, 8 hens, by their egg production, have provided him and his wife with groceries, paid for the feed the hens have eaten and have a credit of $4.60.
  • EASTER GOODS are now available for your inspection at Prokop Kyselka Grocers. Easter egg dyes, pretty picture postcards, and transfer pictures of rabbits, chickens, and flowers are available for your scrapbook or Easter eggs. We do what is right and will refund money for anything you are not happy with.

Compiled by Cathy Griffin at the Traverse Area Historical Society in collaboration with the Traverse Area District Library.

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