The following continues the list of 2019 Glen Lake High School graduates who received scholarships in May:

Drew Peterson, $1,000 Dr. Alonzo Norconk Memorial Scholarship; Lily Ewing, $1,000 Drake Hendershot Memorial Boonedocks Scholarship; Kasidy Skipski, Taylor Deatrick, Adam Kabat, Mackenzie Steele, Madison Leader and Sadie Murphy, each earned a $1,000 Ed & Irene Fleis Education Fund Scholarship; Mackenzie Steele, $500 Ella Noonan Scholarship; Joseph Willey, Jessica Corbin, Leland Macke, Alexander Okerlund and Sydney Hazelton, $500 Empire Lions Club Scholarship; Christian Barber, $1,000 Eric Knoll Memorial Boonedocks Scholarship; Adam Kabat, Clara Kroll, Taylor Deatrick, Chloe Nicholas and Emma Karagas-Spencer, each obtained a $2,400 Glen Arbor Woman’s Club Scholarship; Kasidy Skipski and Lily Ewing, $2,000 Glen Lake Chili Cook-Off Scholarship; Sydney Hazelton, Taylor Deatrick, Emma Karagas-Spencer, Clara Kroll, Joseph Fosmore and Christian Barber, $1,000 Glen Lake Chili Cook-Off Scholarship; Sadie Murphy, Alexander Okerlund, Kaitlyn Schaub and Mackenzie Steele, $500 Glen Lake Chili Cook-Off Scholarship; Mackenzie Steele, $500 Glen Lake Federation of Teachers Scholarship; Alyssa Hlavka, Kaitlyn Schaub and Sydney Hazelton, $200 Glen Lake Parent-Teacher Organization Scholarship; Adam Kabat, $2,000 Glen Lake Woman’s Club Jeanine Wessinger Dean Scholarship; Hailie Tondreau, $2,000 Glen Lake Woman’s Club Janice Freeman Scholarship; Wyatt Daniels and Kaitlyn Schaub, $1,500 Glen Lake Woman’s Club Scholarship; Alyssa Hlavka, Clara Kroll and Sydney Hazelton, $1,000 Glen Lake Woman’s Club Scholarship; Joseph Willey, $500 Glen Lake Woman’s Club Scholarship; Kasidy Skipski, $1,000 Grace McNeil Memorial Boonedocks Scholarship; Chase Richter, $700 Jack Rader/Tom Schmidt/Jacky Wilcox Memorial Scholarship; Wyatt Daniels, $700 James V. Dorsey Memorial Scholarship; Jessica Corbin, $400 Jean Dean Memorial Scholarship; Joseph Fosmore, $1,000 Joey Courson Memorial Boonedocks Scholarship; Joseph Fosmore, $1,000 John Schlosser Memorial Scholarship; Emma Karagas-Spencer, $3,500 renewable Kenneth and Mary Lou Hughes Memorial Scholarship; Hailie Tondreau, $750 Kristin A. Hubley Nursing Scholarship; Christian Barber and Taylor Deatrick, $1,500 Laker Heart Scholarship (Glen Lake Foundation); Drew Peterson, $1,500 Leelanau County Prospectors Club; Madison Leader and Joseph Fosmore, $1,000 Logan McDonough Memorial Scholarship; Clara Kroll, $500 Matthew R. Pleva Memorial Scholarship; Tyler Robbins, $650 Melissa Dempsey Memorial Scholarship; Ethan Kinnee, Cayla Noonan, Rolland Charpentier and Hailie Tondreau, NMC Commitment Scholarship; Lilie Diotte, Hailie Tondreau and Mackenzie Steele, $1,000 Norman and Mary Welch Memorial Scholarship; Lily Ewing and Sadie Murphy, $2,000 Pauline Pardee Baccalaureate Degree Scholarship; Theo Jerva, Adam Kabat, Anna Cantrell and Kali Schettek, $1,000 Pauline Pardee Technical Education Scholarship; Chloe Nicholas, $500 Rebel Scholarship; and Kaitlyn Schaub, Clara Kroll and Taylor Deatrick, $500 Roy Taghon Memorial Scholarship.

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