Day 14 without sports.

Our office fantasy baseball league was supposed to draft Saturday afternoon. Had to move that back to late April. Now it’s real, folks.

But in seriousness, it’s two weeks since high school sports were played in Michigan. That’s just weird to type.

The evening of March 11, while texting back and forth with colleagues Jake Atnip and Andrew Rosenthal about the craziness unfolding with each new cell phone alert, I called my wife and told her to visit the grocery store on the way home. The thought of being too paranoid definitely was there. But the NBA had just canceled a game with no reason given. Then rumors came out that the whole season was suspended. Something big had to have happened. Real big for a cash machine like the NBA to voluntarily shut down.

That’s when news of Utah Jazz 7-footer Rudy Gobert testing positive for COVID-19 started coming out. The video of him jokingly touching reporters’ recorders two days earlier shot through Twitter like lightning.

Two weeks later, here we are. Trying to figure out what to do every day. How to fill the time, self-confined to our homes for our own safety. That time void many of us have where we used to work, gnawing at us. What do we do with all this time suddenly bestowed upon us?

My wife Sena and I started taking walks through the neighborhood. Each trip about the cul-de-sac comprises about 1,000 steps.

Sena: “We should stay in shape in case this goes on a long time.”

Me: “So we can drag the other’s body?”

Sena laughed. Eventually.

Saw a big flock of about 15 turkeys wandering around the yard Tuesday while interviewing Gaylord soccer player Vayda Voss.

Was able to get a few stories done Tuesday in order to go a little light Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be full of voting for all-state basketball teams and trying to hurriedly get one of our All-Region teams completed for this weekend.

Decided to get fancy and made a cajun seafood boil with shrimp, scallops, corn, sausage and calamari. Made too much, and now we’ve got probably two more meals each already done.

We’re making a batch of hard cider this evening. Gotta be prepared, right?

Binge-watched into the third season of Justified already. Put a 350-piece double-sided puzzle together. Straightened up the garage a piece. Busy work.

That’s about it. Filling time. Patiently waiting for this to end. Hoping everyone out there is safe and has the diligence to see this through.

Week three without sports starts Thursday.

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