Adversity tends to bring out both the best and the worst in people.

Panic has driven people near and far to flock to grocery stores in droves to stock up on everything from milk to ammunition — yes toilet paper too — in quantities that only can be explained as absurd.

It’s a psychological side effect of fear associated with the unseen threat we all face. And we’re all susceptible.

Yet, parallel to those less-than-flattering moments, we have watched our neighbors step up for their community in overwhelming ways. We have heard of volunteers and donors jumping into the fray to help ensure there is plenty of food available to school children who were sent home for the next three weeks as districts shuttered. We have heard of generous shoppers splitting their grocery purchases to ensure others don’t go without. And we have watched as first responders and medical professionals flocked to their posts to prepare to care for those who fall ill.

That latter group eventually will need all our support. The sacrifices we face now — disruption of business, school and recreation — all are for their sake. Our efforts to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus will give them a fighting chance as they care for the oncoming wave people who will become sick.

They will be the people during the coming months who work long hours, repeatedly risk exposure and may face impossible decisions.

We are in awe of the people who no-doubt will face the pandemic on our behalf. We also are proud to call them our neighbors and friends.

It is in these moments, times when adversity knocks on our door, that we are most proud to call the Grand Traverse region our home. To be part of a resilient community, surrounded by caring neighbors.

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