Plausible deniability

Four Americans dead at Benghazi because our government wouldn’t help them.

IRS targets political opponents. JusticeDepartment assaults “Freedom of the Press”.IRS Director pleads the “Fifth”. Justice Department falsely charges reporter as “possible co-conspirator.” What do all of these outrages have in common?

They are taking place under President Obama’s watch and all benefit his presidency. He said, “The buck stops here,” but the buck never gets close to him because he is protected by not being told what’s going on in his government.

It’s called “plausible deniability,” folks, and is an old political trick to avoid responsibility. He might have been a good community organizer but as president he is a rank amateur.

Jack Sheets

Traverse City


Send it to Mars

What is the new structure at Clinch Park (and costing how much?) First it looked like an ATM drive-through - a gas station - a bus stop. Now it has wings and putrid green orifices. Whatever, it sure is plain ugly, absolutely no aesthetic connection to anything that’s Traverse City. It’s an insult to all.

Try fueling it up and send it back to Mars along with all those responsible for its being.

Ken Petersen

Traverse City


Make Leelanau inviting

As a business person and substantial taxpayer in Leelanau County, former chair of the Leelanau County Economic Development Corporation and current chair of the Traverse Bay EDC, I believe appropriate economic development experts developed a proposal for the county commission.

The county commission not only failed to consider the proposal but also voted to disband its own EDC.

The commission implies Leelanau County doesn’t have any economic development concerns. Our largest school district’s enrollment is down 40 percent and unemployment in the county is 8.2 percent. That’s not OK with business owners who bear an increasing tax burden absent a broader base of working residents and job creators. We need a county where people live, work, play, invest and raise families.

The commission has received regular updates from the TBEDC and the county EDC for more than a decade. The decision to eliminate the EDC, then to cite a lack of impact, comes at the very time the EDC proposed more concrete objectives, tangible outcomes and meaningful measurements.

Hopefully the commission will reconsider. Meanwhile, we will work with other organizations and willing local governments to make Leelanau County inviting for business and welcoming for working families.

Don Coe

Traverse City

The writer is managing partner of Black Star Farms.

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