Traverse City Record-Eagle

December 23, 2010

Woman offers booklet to help stop smoking


TRAVERSE CITY — Want to quit smoking in 2011? Cindra Moore wants to help with that New Year's resolution.

The Honor woman believes that reading affirmations can propel smokers to give up the habit. She created a cigarette-pack-sized booklet of affirmations intended for smokers to read daily as they try to go smoke-free.

"It is the hardest thing to do, but it is the most rewarding thing that you can do — is to quit for yourself," Moore said.

She suggests those who are trying to quit smoking read the affirmations when they wake up or go to sleep. She recommends people keep one of the flip books in a pocket or purse and the other by the bedside for easy reference.

"I always tell people, 'Do not read these until you are ready, because they are so powerful. They work,"' she said.

Moore believes so strongly in the strength of the affirmations that she would not disclose them publicly. But, they reiterate the importance of loving life and being happy and healthy, she said. Moore said the words came to her in a dream about eight or nine years ago.

She wrote down the phrases, all of which are "life-affirming" and support a "conscious decision to be smoke-free," and began to pass them out to people who wanted to stop smoking. She has collected them in a booklet and is selling them for $3 each, plus shipping costs, at her website,

"I don't think it's a big money-maker for me, but I really believe that it will be helpful," Moore said.

She quit smoking about 22 years ago, before she developed the affirmations, and after she said she learned she had a serious health problem. It turned out she was misdiagnosed, but Moore has remained smoke-free.

Tobacco addiction specialist Lisa Danto received some of the affirmation packets from Moore to pass out to people in Danto's smoking cessation class.

Danto, who is also the coordinator of the Traverse Bay Area Tobacco Coalition, said there isn't an "exact fit" or universal tool to stop smoking, but the affirmations were useful for some. In fact, Danto has a packet of the affirmations that she has referred to as she tries to maintain a healthful diet.

"The power of positive thinking is basically what it is," said Danto.