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October 23, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/23/2013

Who will stop them?

I want to thank the Record-Eagle for exposing the right-wing views of Doug Patton, a truly nasty columnist who is, we note with irony, distributed by the Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate. What he says, however, is not funny.

Patton described President Obama as a “Chicago thug in a $1,000 suit,” “born in a petri dish” who is “not one of us.” Patton’s remarks laid bare the poisonous racism and deep hatred that drives the radical right of the Republican Party. Democrats, Independents, and moderate Republicans should take note.

Patton shares the same mentality as Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann and their fellow tea partiers who are willing to destroy the economy to destroy the president. And they will if rational and decent citizens in all political parties sit by and let them do it.

Call or email your Congressman and demand sane government. Right now we are experiencing a slow-motion coup motivated by hatred of those different from “us.” If we don’t stop them, who will?

Deborah Gilbert


Approach is refreshing

I endorse Gary Howe for City Commission; here’s why:

Gary has demonstrated that he’s committed to an ethical approach regarding land use, public space, and pedestrian and cycling rights.

Gary’s views on local government and its respective role in local economics are centered on innovative and sustainable management of our impressive local-talent base.

Howe’s approach to community development and engagement is refreshing in today’s political climate. He’s done more than many to inform and encourage political participation and isn’t even a commissioner yet.

I believe Gary’s voice can only strengthen our Commission.

Patrick Daly

Traverse City

He gets it

I’m a grumpy baby boomer generally disheartened by a world I see spiraling toward joylessness, fear, and environmental disaster. That’s why I support Gary Howe. He’s a citizen of the world, a community advocate, and my colleague at Northwestern Michigan College. When he stops by my office I’m reminded that the better world I hope for starts right here in Traverse City. It starts with thoughtful decisions we make about how we get around, recreate, interact with one another, and treat the environment. He gets it.

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