Traverse City Record-Eagle

December 26, 2012

Letters to the editor: 12/26/2012


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Bond continues to grow

The Wharton Center continues to bring impressive entertainment to the Traverse City Opera House.

Last Saturday they decided to bring Traverse City to an exciting performance at the Wharton Center.

The Opera House communicated the opportunity for a trip to Lansing, so Saturday morning 18 people from northern Michigan boarded a bus and traveled to The Wharton Center in East Lansing to see the Tony Award-winning show "War Horse."

We attended the matinee performance in the beautiful theater followed by a delightful dinner on site. After dinner we boarded the bus for our return to Traverse City.

We all agreed that this was a wonderful way to be able to experience a major Broadway production in one easy day without having to travel overnight to Chicago or Detroit.

We owe a big thank you to Debbie Hershey of the City Opera House and Diane Baribeau of the Wharton Center for making this experience possible.

We hope and trust that this will become a regular offering as the Wharton-TC City Opera House bond continues to grow and strengthen.

Steve Constantin

Traverse City

A lack of transparency

Prior to the election, Gov. Snyder spoke against right to work laws as being too divisive. In addition, I did not notice legislators in this past campaign who currently voted for the law run on this issue.

The lack of transparency subverts our democratic process. We could have had the public debate on this issue so the voter could have weigh-in.

Unfortunately, the outcome of subverting public discourse results in public turmoil, which could have been resolve in the past election.

We could have had the public debate on this issue; instead we are now facing the prospect of a public outcry that will be very divisive.

Our current legislators have been re-elected by the advantage of being an incumbent, gerrymandering, and the lack of transparency.

Not only has the voter been ill informed, we are being told that the right to work law protects collective bargaining and provides freedom for the worker. What we are not being told is that right to work laws enable someone to obtain a free ride. That is, one does not have to pay union dues but still receives the benefits of the union. This certainly does not coincide with my sense of fairness.

Ronald C. Marshall