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July 31, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/31/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Miscarriage of justice

I have not heard anyone connected with the prosecution, Trayvon Martin’s family or the media ask this salient question. “If Trayvon had called the 911 line to report that someone was stalking him, would this tragedy have had a different outcome?”

Would the 911 responder have advised him to immediately go to his father’s home and wait for a patrol car to meet him there? Would she have kept him on the line so they could make certain he would be safe from whomever was stalking him?

Should parents instruct their teenagers to immediately call 911, if they feel they are in any kind of danger while walking home from the “7-11”?

I believe there has been a miscarriage of justice in this trial of a vigilante hunting down a black teenager.

Joy Platteborze

Traverse City

Who's culpable?

Your July 12 editorial finds countless bureaucrats and politicians to blame for the recent splash pad fiasco. Your rant would deserve more credibility if it counted yourselves among the culpable.

An earlier editorial appeared on June 28 when it seemed the splash pad might not be ready in time for the Cherry Festival due to an inconvenient provision requiring a 10-day testing period before the splash pad could be licensed. “That would mean the system could open to the public on the 6th, the last day of the festival. Unacceptable,” you wrote.

Essentially your editorial demanded that the splash pad be opened for the Cherry Festival by whatever means necessary. Well, it did, and when the proverbial poop hit the proverbial fan everyone, including the Record-Eagle, began pointing fingers at everybody else. How refreshing it would be if a bureaucrat, politician or newspaper editor were to accept accountability and acknowledge that he or she was at least partly responsible for this fiasco.

John Strickler

Traverse City