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April 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 04/24/2013

Where are the jobs?

On April 15, millions of Michigan middle-class workers and families paid a big price for electing Gov. Snyder in 2010. He cut homestead property tax credits, created a pension tax and lowered the earned income tax credit … then gave away $1.4 billion in taxpayer dollars to corporate special interests. Thank you, Mr. Nerd.

It started with a new tax on pensions for retirees (my husband and I took a direct hit) and a tax hike for low-income workers. Next on the chopping block, Snyder and Republicans (thank you Rep. Wayne Schmidt and Sen. Howard Walker) increased taxes on college students, the unemployed and homeowners to pay for giveaways to corporate CEOs. They continue to include appropriations in new bills to make them referendum-proof, bypassing the will of the people and, in effect, thumbing their noses at us. They are neutering our democracy.

It’s time for Gov. Snyder and Lansing Republicans to stop this war on the middle class, education, women, and you and me. Snyder has become a puppet for the runaway train known as our Republican Legislature. This craziness and self-serving must stop.

Oh, by the way … where are the jobs?

Deni Scrudato

Travese City

Guns aren’t threatened

It is clear that there will be no meaningful gun legislation control passed by our Congress in the near future, not because most people don’t want it but because our elected lawmakers are afraid to vote against the ridiculous argument offered by the National Rifle Association that it is contrary to the Second Amendment.

No proposal has ever been offered that in any way threatens the purchase or ownership of legitimate types of guns for hunting or personal protection. Certain types of rifles should be restricted by law to the police and the military. The same is true for ammunition and magazines.

When the Second Amendment was added to the Constitution, the only firearms available were muzzle-loading flintlock blunderbusses. The type of guns we use today was not even imagined. The arguments against any and all types of gun controls are not for the protection of the Second Amendment but for the protection and benefit of those who manufacture and sell guns and ammo.

Foster McCool


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