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April 2, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 04/02/2014

Close Twin Lakes beach

Summer will come eventually, and when it does Traverse City teenagers will be safer in the water. By the end of this school year hundreds of Traverse City Area Public Schools freshmen will have taken a one-day water safety course taught by the U.S. Coast Guard and Grand Traverse County Parks and Recreation personnel.

Going forward, TCAPS is exploring a water safety curriculum for all grades, and the new Grand Traverse Water Safety Network is pursuing a grant to promote water safety throughout the community.

These are commendable efforts that deserve our sustained support, yet one sticking point remains. Grand Traverse County has refused to close the swimming beach at Twin Lakes Park, disregarding three recent drownings and repeated testimony from citizens about dangerous conditions at the lake. How many more young people must we lose before our officials take action? Let’s pray we don’t find out.

Thanks to the commitment of many, Traverse City is on its way to becoming a true Coast Guard City that actively participates in the water safety mission of our Coast Guard friends. But first we must demand that the county closes the Twin Lakes swimming beach immediately.

Janet Lively

Traverse City

Not showing up

I am writing in response to the letter of March 7 by Don Dierkes in regards to his letter and question of “Where was Gov. Rick Snyder?” when President Obama attended a function at Michigan State University for signing of the Farm Bill.

I don’t think he was playing golf or on vacation, but as he is of the other party, it was not necessary for his presence.

It does beg to question though, the fact that members of President Obama’s own party are either not inviting or themselves not showing up for functions occurring now or in the future leading up to the 2014 mid-term elections.

That is apparently alright?

Perhaps they are meeting with one of their large contributors, George Soros? Is he a U.S. citizen? Perhaps dual citizenship? I think he makes large contributions to a certain party’s organizations, but what the heck?

Dave Fox


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