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December 12, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 12/12/2012

Serve all the people

Please pray for the souls of Gov. Rick Snyder, Rep. Wayne Schmidt and Sen. Howard Walker. If you cannot serve all of the people, serve none.

1. Reduce democracy. Done! Oops! Do over.

2. Cancel item pricing. Done!

3. $1.8 billion tax cut for corporations. Done!

4. Tax grandmother's pension. Done!

5. Cut dues check-off for teachers. Done!

6. Helmet law. Increase organ donors. Done!

7. Right to work, for less. In progress.

Robert Maddox


No aesthetic connection

I hope the Nov. 18 front page artist's rendering of the new building at Clinch Park was in fact a joke. If not — what an insult to Traverse City. It has absolutely no aesthetic connection to the natural God-given beauty of this area. It looks like a cheap, flat roofed aluminum-clad bus station in some Third World country.

Ken Petersen

Traverse City

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