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August 7, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 08/07/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Swan was a 'resource'

The swan was a natural resource, and where was the Department of Natural Resources when he needed it? Yes, the DNR should be chastised for shooting the male mute swan on Silver Lake, but the residents of the lake should be ashamed for tolerating the taunting behavior that was reported as the cause of the swan's aggressiveness.

Had I seen that behavior on a lake I lived on, I would have reported the people to the authorities, not the swan. Please, he was only defending his family as nature intended him to do.

We live in a beautiful state made more beautiful by the presence of the wild creatures whose habitat we share. I am sorely disappointed in the DNR that they did not use this situation as a "teachable moment" to inform the apparently uneducated and thoughtless Silver Lake taunters about the behavior of swans and issue a ticket for aggravating behavior. Once again, animals have been forced into submission by the human animals carrying guns. The DNR needs to think about its name — Department of Natural Resources. The swan was a "resource" not an outlaw.

Katharine Anderson

Maple City

Trumpeters are native

Living on Torch River I have witnessed an ill-tempered mute swan. The Department of Natural Resources is trying to reintroduce the trumpeter swan. We have had a few trumpeters on the river the last few years. The mute swans harass them constantly until the trumpeters leave.Remember – the trumpeters are native; the mutes are invasive.

Max B. Cochran

Rapid City

Michigan has a leader

By my math Detroit has 700,000 residents and a debt of $18 billion or about $25,000 of debt per person while the United States has 318,000,000 residents and a debt of $16.8 trillion or about $53,000 of debt per person. It is obvious that the U.S. is much worse off financially than Detroit. Fortunately, Michigan has a leader who is doing something about Detroit's problems instead of one who is constantly looking for someone to blame.

John McCombs

Traverse City