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October 3, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 10/03/2012

A valuable lesson

To Garret Leiva's most interesting Sept. 3 column, I could add an experience of my own.

For 10 years I worked as an instructional assistant at a technical high school in Florida helping students with learning disabilities.

My main task was helping with chapter book work and tests.

Early on, discovering it was impossible to help more than one class at a time, I invented a system of "help sheets," where, after checking with each teacher, spent the beginning of each week doing the assignments and noting the page on which the answers were located.

The idea was to steer the student, who had trouble reading, to the page where they could find the answer on their own.

The only flaw ... I wrote the notes in cursive. Right away, I got a visit from seven young men from auto mechanics telling me they could not read my notes. Wow. Big revelation.

It was a valuable lesson to me, giving me a fresh understanding of what they needed.

And, I became a much better printer with practice.

Nancy Davidson

Traverse City

Time to move on

Why can't the Record-Eagle leave Judge David Stowe alone?

I am referring to the Sept. 22 article regarding his ex-wife, Cindy Stowe.

There is no reason the Record-Eagle has to continually mention his personal and marital problems when the article is about Cindy.

Perhaps the Record-Eagle should concentrate more on his accomplishments as a fine judge of Grand Traverse County.

Yes, he made mistakes, haven't we all.

Time to move on and leave him alone.

Cheryl Perrigo


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