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July 24, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 07/24/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Put red light on bill

State Rep. Wayne Schmidt’s recent pontification on the safety features of cameras at traffic signals recording speeding red light runners is ludicrous if not an outright lie. It is my opinion that 99 percent of traffic light violators are either distracted or they have misjudged the timing of the signal.

A camera designed to catch these violators will not save lives, it will only generate revenue. Most of the money will go to the companies that manufacture, install, operate and maintain the cameras.

Rep. Schmidt seems to be beholden to a lobbyist for the manufacture of these cameras or else he is very gullible concerning the value of devices of this nature.

Last year I received a letter postmarked from Arizona telling me that my car had run a red light in Lufkin, Texas. I was instructed to send money to a post office box in Columbus, Ohio. I thought it was a scam and wrote the Attorney Generals in both Texas and Michigan. I never heard back from either of them, so I didn’t send any money.

I hope Rep. Schmidt wises up and takes this terrible idea, HB 4763, off the table.

Donald F. Vreeland

Traverse City

In favor of cameras

I’m in favor of red light cameras. Here is a link to a nice editorial written by Steve Chapman from the Chicago Tribune:

David Luick

Traverse City