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November 6, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 11/06/2013

Look at alternatives

The Battle Creek Enquirer editorial “Suspensions put kids on track to failure” (Another View, Oct. 23) was a “breath of fresh air.”

I worked for 22 years as a school social worker in the Traverse City Public Schools and have seen first-hand that in some situations suspensions were ineffective. Suspensions did not consistently work with some of our “high risk” students who had multiple suspensions with no change in their behavior. Suspensions reinforced their negative self-image and “rewarded” them by telling them they needed to stay at home and miss school.

It is exciting that teams of professionals from 73 counties in Michigan recently met in Ann Arbor to look at helpful alternatives to suspensions.

I look forward to learning what happens during the three-year implementation period.

Hopefully, interventions such as restorative justice will be utilized more by our hard-working school administrators when managing the behavior of our youth. Our school board members, administrators, teachers, parents, school support staff and community members need to take note.

Chuck Mueller

Traverse City

Kudos for tree work

I would like to give kudos to the Grand Traverse County Road Commission and the crew that recently cut the trees in the road right of way along Boyd Street and Lakeshore Drive in Fife Lake Township. Although we love our street trees, many of them have matured beyond their lifetime span, and have become a safety hazard.

Kudos to Manager Jim Cook, Toby, Todd and the rest of the crew who worked hard to remove these hazards in our township.

Linda Forwerck

Fife Lake

The writer is Fife Lake Township Supervisor

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