Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 30, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 10/30/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — A listener and learner

I’m voting for Gary Howe for a strong Traverse City. It’s not because he advocates for bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure. It’s not because he believes in a community of diverse people making a difference, or that he’s dedicated to making a difference. It’s because Gary Howe gets it. He’s a good listener, a learner, he’s respectful, and he knows all this contributes to sound economic development for this city. Furthermore, Gary Howe is reasonable. And considering the political antics in Washington and elsewhere, reason is not to be underestimated in the halls of government.

Bill Palladino

Traverse City

Ability to follow through

Tim Werner would be an excellent choice for one of the three seats that are open on the Traverse City Commission. Tim listens and absorbs all points of view and then formulates an educated opinion. His ability to take charge and follow through is one of the many assets he has in his corner.

Please vote for Tim Werner in the upcoming election.

Lynne Moon

Traverse City

A strategic thinker

Michael Estes is a high quality individual and should be re-elected Mayor. Michael is gracious, generous and is a strategic thinker. He has exhibited good leadership of council and sound governance. He cares deeply about Traverse City, its people and its future.

Re-elect Michael Estes, Mayor of Traverse City.

Deb Jackson

Traverse City

A clear thinker

I am writing in support of Tim Werner for Traverse City Commission. He is well known to me since moving to the city 13 years ago. He is a scientist, engineer, and a clear thinker with common sense. He is a problem solver and will analyze issues in a systematic manner to arrive at solutions that will be of benefit to our community for the present and the future. He understands business, our environment, and most importantly, human nature.

He would be a great asset to the Commission, and I urge you to support him with your vote.

Kenneth H. Musson

Traverse City

Articulate, thoughtful

We wholeheartedly support Tim Werner for Traverse City Commissioner. Over the years, we’ve personally witnessed his efforts to improve the many things he has touched, from his time on the Planning Commission to his extraordinary work as a parent-volunteer at our public school. His dedication to the future of Traverse City is authentic.

Tim is smart, articulate and thoughtful. His demeanor is perfect for public service. We cannot imagine a candidate more deserving of your vote Nov. 5.

Please help send Tim Werner to the City Commission.

Jason and Jennifer Tank

Traverse City

A vote for vision

A vote for Jan Warren is a vote for vision. I had the opportunity to work with Jan when she was chairwoman of the planning commission. She saw the growth potential for Garland Street before anything was happening there. Now, the corridor is a vital part of the community. Her experience on the planning commission has proven invaluable for Traverse City, and makes her the best candidate for City Commission. Vote Jan Warren on Nov. 5.

Colleen P. Shannon

Traverse City

Consistent support

One of the most important issues facing the new City Commission will be whether we’ll keep our Fire Department or allow Grand Traverse Metro to take it over.

Unlike Traverse City, Metro relies on mostly part-time employees who are not paramedics. While I may never experience a fire in my home, I do want assurance that if I need to call 911 because I’m having a medical emergency, the people responding can deal with my problem quickly and compassionately.

Ross Richardson has consistently supported retaining Traverse City’s Fire Department. That’s why I’m voting for Ross.

Chris Bazzett

Traverse City

Common sense

I am voting for Ross Richardson for City Commission. He brings a common-sense approach to solving the problems facing the city.

Ross understands the importance of closing TIF 2 when it expires in 2016. The TIF District has done its job, and now it’s time to realize the promise made in 1987 and return almost $500,000 per year in taxes to the city’s general fund.

Join me in voting for Ross Richardson.

Gerry Greene

Traverse City

Judgment and passion

I first met Ross Richardson during the fight to stop the project to put luxury condos on top of a publicly funded parking deck on West Front Street.

Ross was instrumental in researching and exposing the millions of dollars in subsidies which would have helped fund this disaster-in-the-making, ultimately rejected by voters by a 71 percent margin.

I watched him during his two terms as my elected County Commissioner, and I have never questioned his good judgment and passion for doing what’s best for Traverse City.

Please vote Nov. 5. We need Ross as our City Commissioner.

Frank Malewitz

Traverse City

Will be objective

I have worked with Tim Werner on volunteer boards previously. Tim Werner would be an excellent addition to our city council. Tim will come to meetings prepared. He will research the topics at hand. He will carefully listen to input from Traverse City residents and he will make an objective, unbiased decision when it comes time to vote. What more can we ask?

Matthew Madion

Traverse City

Knows how to listen

Ross Richardson is a dedicated worker. Vote for Ross. He is running for City Commission because he loves this work. He comes to it without a hidden personal agenda. He was co-chair for equal rights. He wants to keep our safety nets nearby, keeping fire department and ambulance services in Traverse City. He is for efficient government, emphasizing close neighborhoods without sacrificing services. He knows how to listen to constituents and act upon their wishes. His experience on the county board taught him how to handle monies effectively for the betterment of all residents. Vote for Ross.

John Shields

Traverse City