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February 5, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 02/05/2014

Get kids on track

Getting at the front end of crime is so important because it not only can save both perpetrators and victims from the aftermath of crime, but it’s cheaper on the taxpayer’s wallet. That’s why the governor’s message to the state was refreshing.

He labeled Michigan as a “no wait” state for pre-schoolers, called for truancy prevention and promoted safe schools. The best option we have for the next generation is to ensure their success. Getting them access to high-quality preschool is the first step educationally to getting them ready for success.

Research shows that atrisk kids who get on track are more likely to stay on track. Helping get kids on track in the beginning is a far cry cheaper than the $2 billion taxpayers pay to lock up criminals each year.

Bob Cooney

Traverse City

The writer is Prosecuting Attorney for Grand Traverse County.


Who is responsible?

Remember this? Jobs, jobs, jobs. Democrats’ rallying cry for five years.

The strategy was what? The results are 91 million Americans need work today, 33 million remain on 99 weeks of unemployment. Forty-seven million people, one out of six, are on food stamps.

Now it’s “Income inequality.” Here’s a shot in the dark. Could that possibly be because there are no jobs?

So, it’s let’s just forget about jobs? Move on … to bigger payouts, handouts, higher taxes? Become a failing bankrupt welfare country?

Just who’s responsible for this inequality isn’t a trick question. Should this be the fault of the “out of power” for five years Republicans or the “in power” for five years Democrats?

Mary L. Bowen


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