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October 9, 2013

State police warn of phone scam

TRAVERSE CITY — State police are warning residents of a new phone scam in which the caller claims to be a police officer and demands money to clear an arrest warrant.

The scammer, posing as a member of the Michigan State Police, tells people over the phone there is a warrant for their arrest. According to a police statement, the scammer says that unless the resident pays a fine, he or she will be arrested.

Law enforcement officials instead discuss warrants with suspects in person and with proper identification, not over the phone. They also don’t ask for financial information over the phone.

“That is not the way we address warrants,” said state police Lt. Kip Belcher.

Belcher warned people to be wary of such phone calls.

“Anytime somebody’s asking for money from you over the phone, you should highly question the true identity of that individual and the purpose for their call,” he said.

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