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March 26, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 03/26/2014

Per diems self-serving

I spent a career in the Coast Guard. Per diems were for expenses incurred for food and lodging while on orders to perform duties outside your local area. There was no per diem for going to meetings at home, that was part of your job and involved little to no extra expense to you.

Elected public officials somehow got the privilege of setting their own pay and benefit packages at taxpayer expense. It seems a bit outrageous when they vote themselves health care and other benefit packages for what are part-time jobs.

Congress went so far as to vote themselves lifetime automatic raises so they no longer had to answer to the public for future votes to increase their own pay.

The Grand Traverse County Board’s latest proposal to offset loss of undeserved per diems with a pay raise is extremely self-serving, especially at a time while other county workers are being laid off due to tough financial times.

Carl Pearce


Don’t waste more time

It was with great interest and hope that I read the March 14 front page article explaining that Benzie County deputies are now carrying the opiate reversal drug Narcan (naloxone).

Certainly the citizens of Benzie County feel both grateful and proud to have had their sheriff’s department make this life-saving decision. Learning that theirs is the only department in Michigan to have done so, however, I find not only shocking but also very sad.

It seems reasonable that those who are willing to risk their lives for us and who also carry the burden of perhaps having to take a life in order to protect ours, deserve to be given this life saving tool.

The cost is minimal.

The rewards are great.

As Sheriff Schendel had said in regard to Narcan administration/overdose reversal, “Time is of the essence.”

Let’s not continue to waste any more time

Tracy Marek

Traverse City

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