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January 1, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 01/01/2014

Five years is enough

Some thoughts:

n Am I the only one who thinks those new housing structures adjacent to the parking deck are the two most unsightly additions to the Old Town neighborhood?

n To the businesses along Front Street that don’t keep their sidewalks clean: If you don’t have the courtesy to keep your walks shoveled, why should I spend my money in your establishment?

n And, to those downtown business that do shovel their walks at the slightest accumulation, “Thank you.”

n A long-term solution to the snow-covered Front Street sidewalks: mandate that any building ownership change, renovation, etc., must include the installation of heated sidewalks. Start with the southwest corner of Front and Cass.

n Isn’t it about time that the City Fathers exert some pressure on the owners of the unsightly vacant old Ford dealership property? Five years is enough.

Bill Schulz

Traverse City

Maintain what we have

Several years ago, check your history, the residents and tax payers decided we wanted open space instead of a power plant and commercial property to look at. We put up our money to do that. It was before you movers and shakers came along and told us we had to have a grand vision and bigger is better.

Now, my comment is — help us maintain what we have or be quiet and take your ideas somewhere else where they will appreciate you more.

Thomas L. Vert

Traverse City

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