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February 19, 2014

Letters to the Editor: 02/19/2014

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Why so difficult?

Gov. Snyder recently announced his energy framework, calling for cuts in coal use and increases in renewables. Why no details and timeframes?

Wolverine Power Cooperative abandoned plans for their new coal plant. We’re hopeful they’ll take bold steps in cost-effective renewables.

I have encouraged Sen. Walker to set leadership goals for renewables.

He replied, “As a member of the Senate Energy and Technology Committee several topics are of particular interest to me, including general and maintenance costs, as well as the efficiency of current renewable energy technology.”


“While it may make sense to make changes to the renewable standard there are great possibilities for using our state’s natural gas supplies in a more robust way. Natural gas is a cost effective, clean and reliable source of energy.”

May make sense? No concerns with fracking, Senator? None?

Industry ads and elected officials say fracking is “safe,” natural gas “clean.”

Then why the exemption in the Safe Drinking Water Act to protect the industry?

Where fracking is taking off, donations to politicians rose 231 percent in eight years. See

We won’t move to renewables overnight, but it shouldn’t be this difficult.

The Rev. Deb Hansen


Working for schools

I would like to thank the Traverse City Area Public Schools Board of Education for the open public hearings held in January to fill Marjorie Rich’s seat. Thanks also to the Record-Eagle for covering the schools and staying through the late board meetings, the latest of which went for almost five hours.

Volunteering on school committees and running for public office takes nerves of steel. Fourteen dedicated members of the public put themselves forward. The amount of talent, skill and devotion among those candidates was a sign of hope for Traverse City. Every candidate had something valuable to offer.

Thanks to the TCAPS Board for really listening to the messages and opportunities for growth that were so eloquently delivered for our community. The most important part of what was heard over the past six weeks wasn’t about the candidates. It was about the schools and how we can better serve our students and community.

Thanks especially to this community for supporting TCAPS schools and to helping make them even better. May we work together to pass our school bonds in the near future.

Pamela Harris Kaiser

Traverse City