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May 15, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 05/15/2013

Get on the bus

I have some good news, an update on the national organization — NO Labels.

NO Labels currently has over 900,000 citizen members, up from 600,000. In January, 1,300 citizens spent their own money to attend a national meeting in New York. The meeting received huge attention on FOX News, Morning Joe, etc.

The biggest news is that, led by Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Jon Huntsman (R-UT), 65 members of Congress (33 Democrats, 31 Republicans, one independent) meet weekly to build trust across the aisle and become problem solvers. They are embracing five key principles to “Make America Work:” (1) tell the full truth, (2) govern for the future, (3) put the country first, (4) be responsible, and (5) work together.”

The first Michigan problem solver is Kerry Bentivolio, District 11. And guess who led the way, brought to the House floor NO Labels legislation — NO Budget/NO Pay? Michigan’s Dave Camp and Candice Miller. Guess who voted “yes” for NO Budget/NO Pay? Sens. Stabenow and Levin and Rep. Dan Benishek, who co-sponsored the bill.

You think citizens cannot make a huge difference? Think again ... get on this good bus —

Jill Rahrig

Traverse City

Not an abortion pill

Thank you, Record-Eagle, for the opportunity to continue the conversation about the Food and Drug Administration’s recent decision to make one specific emergency contraceptive pill (Plan B One Step) available to women 15 years and older over the counter with identification.

I wish they had not continued the conversation with Monday’s editorial cartoon which perpetuates the misinformation that Emergency Contraceptive (EC) is an abortion pill. It is not an abortion pill. If a woman is already pregnant, taking EC will not end her pregnancy.

The FDA’s press release on April 30 states: “Plan B One-Step is an emergency contraceptive intended to reduce the possibility of pregnancy following unprotected sexual intercourse — if another form of birth control (e.g., condom) was not used or failed.”

“Plan B One-Step will not stop a pregnancy when a woman is already pregnant, and there is no medical evidence that the product will harm a developing fetus” (

EC is a safe and effective form of birth control. Get the facts from your health care provider, not your syndicated cartoonist.

Keri McDonald

Traverse City

The writer is a registered nurse.

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