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May 8, 2013

Maples nursing home's ex-director says she was fired

BEULAH — The former director of Benzie County’s publicly run nursing home disputed statements she resigned, saying she was instead fired. Now Mary Beaudry wonders whether she’s being scapegoated for the medical facility’s extensive financial problems.

Beaudry was on the job for less than two months when she was dismissed last week, just days before Benzie officials announced the Maples owes the county $484,000 in unpaid loans. Beaudry described management of the Maples as “incredibly dysfunctional,” and said the facility is “robbing Peter to pay Paul” to make payroll.

“I inherited a nightmare -- an abysmal nightmare,” Beaudry said.

Beaudry also disputed a written memo from Ken Masters, chairman of the Benzie County Department of Human Services, that stated Beaudry resigned. Beaudry said the Maples' former director and consultant, Judy Martin, told department heads at the facility on May 3 that Beaudry was let go, prompting Beaudry to pack up her belongings and leave the building in Frankfort.

“They didn’t even tell me to get out,” Beaudry said. “It was the most mismanaged, disgusting thing I’ve ever been through.”

The Maples’ outstanding debt was of great concern Tuesday to Benzie County commissioners, given repeated questions about the facility’s ability to repay the county and make payroll for its roughly 110 employees. County Treasurer Michelle Thompson said the county will collect a $120,000 payment after a special county board meeting on May 16 to address the financial crisis so the Maples can make its next payroll.

The county is scheduled to break ground in June on a new, $10 million facility on Maples Avenue in Frankfort, with the plan to keep nursing home services under county's auspices. A .365 millage for the Maples that expires in 2016 brings in about $350,000 a year for operational costs. A .635 building millage brings in about $700,000 annually to pay for construction costs.

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