Traverse City Record-Eagle

Wedding Announcements

January 12, 2014

Marriages: 01/12/2014

Marriage applications filed with the county clerk

• William Barnes and Gretchen Barnes

• Timothy Baxley and Lisa Osborne

• Darrell Burkett and Dwanna Burton

• Jason Chrenka and Nur Kamilah Jackiria

• Brock Decare and Amy Beaudoin

• Ronald Fitzsimmons and Lori Watts

• Mason Groot and Shelbie Linguar

• Michael Hickey and Deborah Provost

• Daniel LaBonte and Alysia Jarosz

• Nicholas Latuszek and Catrina Collins

• Ted Maury and Rosemary Martin

• James Pennell and Zurlene Folse

• David Sattler and Alexis Pelky

• Aaron Swoverland and Debra Sjoquist

• Carl Wesaw and Brenda Wabanimkee



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