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May 28, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 05/28/2013

Traverse City Record-Eagle

---- — Not the end of life

In response to Paul Nepote’s May 20 letter and many past letters decrying the sad state of Traverse City, one wonders if he ever questions if this decline of all things good in Traverse City might simply be his own world view taking a dump, and not, in fact, the end of life in Traverse City as we know it.

If it’s not the gays recruiting our school children, or twisted city plots to deny his freedom to bug the rest of us, it’s now Michael Moore’s dark plot to take over Clinch Park, for who knows what kind of far-ranging evil. I’m surprised he hasn’t claimed that the little train was gay, or Michael Moore is linked with the UN’s world domination plans.

We live in a big country, might be time for Paul to check out some other locale.

Tom Pixley

Traverse City

Lacks perspective

Panera Bread is coming to town, and Garfield Township planning commissioner Terry Clark makes a comment about yet another “damn drive-up window.”

A stale project design is an annoyance, the commission says, yet it’s going to take over what is hardly an attractive business lot between two giants - Meijer, with its enormous parking lot, and Great Wolf Lodge.

However, having recently become a widow with a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old, I believe Commissioner Clark lacks perspective. Perhaps it’s not a priority for all patrons, but I can assure you there are plenty of people like me for whom a drive-through often makes the difference between supporting a business or not. The idea of taking two little ones inside by yourself, ordering food, waiting for it and getting it back outside rather than finding a drive-through makes the decision an easy one.

I recently lived in an area where it was easy to find a Panera and I’m excited to see them come up north. Their food is excellent, and they are very charitable to the communities in which they operate. I will be supporting them in their new location.

Molly Harder

Traverse City