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January 22, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 01/22/2013


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A nation of hindsight

Recently I received an e-mail response to my letter to the International Joint Commission Canada and the United States final report of the International upper Great Lakes Study Board entitled "Lake Superior Regulation: Addressing Uncertainty in the Upper Great Lakes Water Levels."

My letter basically said it's unacceptable to me that the Great Lakes is connected at all to the Mississippi Water Basin, that the St. Clair River be dammed, locks put in to regulate our Great Lakes levels and stop the invasive species nightmare. Hydrologically separating the Great Lakes from the Mississippi could've stopped the Asian Big Head Silver Carp, etc. It was stupid to dredge the St. Clair River to allow ocean-going ships.

St. Clair River locks will do two things: We need to steam-clean the ballast water from the incoming ships; and we need to keep our water from flowing faster away from the Great Lakes.

However, I feel that this issue is like gun control. If we would have kept the 1994 assault weapons ban in place instead of allowing it to expire in 2004, no 30-round clip assault rifles would have been sold. We are becoming a state and nation of great hindsight.

Gary Kent Keyes


More laws won't work

A young man broke a few laws in Connecticut and then he killed 26 people.

The outcry for gun regulation has been pretty loud and driven by the fear and lack of education on the topic.

The young man broke the law when he shot his mother in the face.

He also broke the law when he stole her car. He also broke the law when he stole his mother's guns. He also broke the law when he took the guns on the school grounds. He also broke the law when he forced his way into the school. He also broke the law when he started shooting the people in the school.

So, how would one more law have stopped this young man from shooting those 26 people?

We need to take action that will actually save the lives of our loved ones. More laws will not stop the criminals from breaking the law, only take away the rights guaranteed by the Constitution.

Gun-free zones have not worked.

The Clinton-era assault weapon ban did not work (Columbine shooting 1999). Background checks, the Connecticut shooter tried to buy a gun but was turned away.

Andy Marek