Traverse City Record-Eagle

October 16, 2012

Letters to the Editor: 10/16/2012


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Has done what he said

On Nov. 6 we will have a rare opportunity to re-elect an incumbent who has done what he said he would do, is doing a good job in difficult times, is respected by other elected officials and knows how to live within a budget.

Grand Traverse County Sheriff Tom Bensley is that incumbent, and he deserves our votes.

Ralph Cerny

Traverse City

Right person for job

Please vote Kirsten Keilitz for Probate Judge. I have known Kirsten for 15 years. She is a person of integrity, dedication and thoughtfulness. She is committed to serving the community, whether as a past board president for United Way or as a regular volunteer at legal aid clinics. She practiced family law. Now she serves as a referee for the court, where she presides over hearings and makes recommendations to the judge on domestic relations and family law matters — a role that requires the development of judicial skills. She is the right person for the job.

Ellen Kohler

Traverse City

Don't be fooled by ads

Please vote "no" on proposal 6. The TV ads "for" this proposal are incorrect, misleading and are paid for by the billionaire who wants no competition for his bridge. We should not turn down this offer from the Canadian government to pay for the new bridge from Canada to Detroit. What a deal. But you must vote "no" if you want the bridge to be built and paid for by the Canadians. Do not be fooled by these TV ads. Don't let a billionaire legislate via TV propaganda. Vote no on 6.

Len Price

Traverse City

Dedicated, committed

I have known Tom Bensley for many years and have always found him to be honest, dedicated and committed. He has truly brought a high level of professionalism to the sheriff's department and continues to exhibit outstanding managerial and leadership skills. Tom Bensley is the right person in the right job. We need continued vigilance in our local law enforcement — and with Tom Bensley as the sheriff we can be assured that will happen.

Please join me and vote for Tom Bensley for Grand Traverse County Sheriff.

T. Michael Jackson

Traverse City

Request is excessive

Having supported every school millage for 50 years, I nonetheless recommend voting against the flawed Traverse City Area Public Schools' $100 million millage request: $26 million for a performing arts center, a large, state-of-the-art theater for student productions, is excessive as it just enhances current activities of a small number of students. Prioritizing it ahead of most other academic infrastructure improvements is wrong.

This is not an emergency. TCAPS still has its existing millage, which pays salaries, maintenance, etc. Let's wait for a more reasonable, transparent proposal next year before taking on a questionable 10-year, $100 million debt.

Fred Swartz

Traverse City

A lifelong resident

Being a lifelong Northern Michigan resident, Dr. Dan Benishek treasures our Great Lakes, evidenced by his active membership in the Great Lakes Task Force, a bipartisan Washington group which promotes helpful legislation. Never has he voted to pollute the Great Lakes.

Dr. Dan Benishek voted for the Asian Carp Prevention Act of 2012, vital for protection of the Great Lakes. I live on Green Lake and appreciate his environmental help. He also has been a competent surgeon for 30 years. As a concerned citizen I will vote for Dr. Dan Benishek.

Mildred Komrska


Changes landscape

Most Michigan residents support renewable energy, but I cannot support Proposal 3, the "25x25" proposal that will appear on the Nov. 6 ballot. This proposal would require the state's energy providers to supply 25 percent of their electric generation from renewable sources by 2025. What's its estimated cost? $12 billion.

The citizens of Northern Michigan cannot afford higher utility costs. Constructing the estimated 3,100 additional wind turbines it would take to meet the requirement of the proposal would dramatically change Michigan's landscape. For these and other reasons, I'll vote no on Proposal 3 and encourage others to do the same.

Carl H. VanDomelen

Boyne City

Has life experiences

Having practiced law in the Probate Court for 35 years, I know Melanie Stanton is the only candidate qualified to be our next Probate Judge.

She has diligently represented abused/neglected children, juveniles, elderly, trusts, mentally ill, guardians and parents involved in custody for 16 years.

As a former nurse, mother and lawyer for 20 years, Melanie has the life experiences necessary to make wise and impartial decisions affecting families and individuals in our Grand Traverse area. Dedicated to serving the people — with experience voters can trust — vote Stanton for Probate Judge on Nov. 6.

William M. Conklin

Traverse City

Regulations to protect

During the time Dan Benishek has been in the U.S. House of Representatives it's clear he has not been representing citizens like me who want our land, water and air protected from any more poisoning by toxic pollution. Time after time he has voted for bills that gut, seriously impair or defend protective regulations. These regulations were to protect the health and lives of people who live on the land, use the water and breath the air.

Vote Benishek out. Vote Gary McDowell in. He is wiser.

Anna Hildebrand Weese

Traverse City

You deserve him

If you wish for a debt increase of at least $1 trillion a year, higher taxes than ever, more problems with the Middle East and around the world with more people in the world hating the United States of America, higher gas prices, higher food prices and utility prices through the roof, you should vote for President Obama; you deserve him.

Donald Duchene Sr.

Traverse City

Obstruction campaign

Since 2010 the Republican-led House and the filibuster-controlled Senate have blocked Obama's recovery initiative. On inauguration day 2009 leading Republicans met to plot a campaign of obstruction. During that month when 800,000 Americans lost their jobs, the GOP was making sure Obama would not succeed. As a result of GOP obstruction, the present Congress had a record low 10 percent nationwide approval.

Despite the recession inherited from President Bush, there's been a steady growth in jobs, record advances in the stock exchange and turndown of two unwanted wars. Unfortunately, Congressional Republicans do not represent the interests of the American people.

William W. Wells