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March 12, 2013

Letters to the Editor: 03/12/2013

TCL&P’s future

Regarding the role of our future Traverse City Light & Power Executive Director, I am concerned by the comments of TCL&P Board Chairman Patrick McGuire and member Barbara Budros that the director’s job is to do as the board directs.

I do not believe (nor should we expect) that the board members have the expertise or depth of knowledge required to fully direct the utility.

The Executive Director should bring their technical experience and knowledge of the industry to the board so they can work cooperatively to create and implement a vision for TCL&P.

Some of these same board members have said they don’t want a director with a bias toward renewable energy.

This is not a proactive attitude. TCL&P should commit to providing more clean energy, including increasing the amount generated locally.

It would keep more of our energy dollars local, create jobs, save ratepayers’ money as the cost of renewables continue to drop, and increase our regional energy security (more local energy generation makes us less reliant on distant suppliers).

We must think of our children and commit now to a clean energy future.

If you agree, please contact the board members. You can make a difference.

Elizabeth Dell

Traverse City


No solar subsidies?

I think it is admirable that Cherryland Electric is working with TCL&P to launch a solar project that could benefit the area. General Manager Tony Anderson states that a goal is to offer solar without subsidies. I have to ask myself, why not subsidize solar? Every other form of energy we use is heavily subsidized. Why should solar have to stand alone? In fact, solar is a great investment. If you build a coal plant, which must be heavily subsidized, you still have to buy the coal. After you invest in solar, you get energy free. You don’t make the air filthy with carbon either. I hope Great Lakes Energy follows suit.

Heather Miller


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